Friday, 23 October 2009

Risk assessment

Before I start shooting for my music video I need to undergo a risk assessment. This is to make sure I know what to do incase any unwanted circumstances pop up. I made a small list of possible risks that could injure the actors or hinder my filming, and then listed the ways these can be solved.

Shooting calendar

Above is my shooting calendar which shows when I have decided to shoot. I have all morning off on a tuesday and I want to get the shooting over with as quick as possible as the editing is the longest process. Keeping this in mind I decided to start shooting on the first tuesday back after the half term which is the 3rd of November. I will continue to shoot every tuesday at the school before 9am so that the students involved in my video won't miss any lesson time, Also using dinner times for the students as shooting time. The school would be open on a saturday morning so i will also use saturdays to shoot, after 3 tuesdays and 3 saturdays I hope to be done, but if not the orange highlighted area is an extra time that I could do some filming and then the red highlighted area is where I could also shoot but would be the very last of the filming I would do as this needs to be finished hopefully before then. This is not set in stone as I have still not had permission from the students parents so the shooting could be delayed.

Website draft

This is the draft website design that i am using for my research ideas. I decided to keep to the same style as my CD cover and my logo so i used the exact same font and actually used the logo without the hounds of love part for my main title.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Actors Props List

Main character - Paul Gilfoyle
Girl – Casey Smith
Band Members- Paul Gilfoyle, Kieran Morris, Ashley Harvey

Props to be used –
Instruments (Guitars, Drums, microphones)

Shoe's to be thrown in the lake

Dog masks

Monday, 19 October 2009


My main story line for my music video is going to be a love story with a twist, On my initial ideas I had an idea where her face would turn to a dog's face. I changed my mind as I don't think this would work well on film. For my new idea the boy doesn't dare ask the girl out because he can't build up the confidence. In the first verse when the song is saying "Well here I go, it's coming at me through the trees Help me, someone, help me, please" he will be running away from the girl as he is embarressed to talk to her. Also in the song it shows he is in love but can't ask her out because in the lyrics it says "i've always been a coward" which reflects this storyline well. In the end the boy and girl get together and it will be a happy ending.
The song lasts for approximately 3 minutes so i will have to use lots of lip syncing to take up some of the time, there will be some special effects used in the green room, some of the lip synching will have green screened background to make it look more proffessional. In the second verse where it says "it's coming at me through the tree" I will have the main character running on the spot and make it look like he's running through some trees so that illustrates the lyrics.
The music video will appeal to my target audience as my target audience is around 15-25 and i asked 15 students who are all of age 17 or 18 and I will look at their results and take it all in and then produce something that they wanted so it is catering to the needs of the age group I have chosen. It is aimed at both males and females because they can both relate to the story as this happens a lot at their age.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Consent form for student

Dear Parent/Guardian,
I am writing to inform you that I am going to be producing a music video for my A2 Advanced Media Portfolio. For my video I will need actors and will be using a wide range of equipment, such as cameras and tripods. I know your child as they went to my secondary school and are close friends of my sister. The genre for the video is indie rock and I think your child would work well as a lead part in the video and would fit in well with the genre. If you are interested, I can show you the finished product before I upload it to my blog. I can assure your child will not be in any danger because the shooting will take place either in Manor College of Technology, or in my college(Hartlepool Sixth Form College). Please fill in the consent form below and return it to 12 Dunbar Road.

Yours Sincerely,
Niall Smith
Hartlepool Sixth Form College

I ___________, parent/guardian of ___________, consent that my son/daughter can take part in your music video for your media studies coursework.

Signed: _______________

Deconstruction of Arctic Monkeys

The Futureheads are an indie rock band so I have decided to analyse a video, CD cover and website of the Arctic Monkeys.

The Arctic Monkeys are an indie rock band. I am going to analyse their music video “fluorescent adolescent”. This video completely subverts the expectations of everyone as everyone would expect to see the long shaggy hair which is shown with most indie artists and the instruments are not shown in the video whereas those would be expected to be shown. Most indie rock bands have bits with them performing in but the Arctic Monkeys seem to prefer the narrative and in this video the narrative shows a group of clowns and a group of non-clowns fighting at an old warehouse, there are flashbacks showing that the leaders of each group used to be friends as young kids. Both leaders attempt to kill each other throughout the video. When the video comes to an end the non clown leader attempts to run the clown leader over, the clown leader then see’s that the car has been leaking petrol and then drops his lighter to see the car with his former friend in burn up in flames. In the lyrics at the end it says “ took a left off last laugh lane” and I think this refers to when the guy tries to run over the clown but then the clown gets the last laugh when he burns the car down and he also says “ and your not coming back again” which shows the guy isn’t coming back because he’s dead. Other than this the lyrics don’t reflect the video, which means the relationship between the lyrics and visual is disjuncture.

The font for the CD cover is not exactly the same but it is the same style (Fancy distorted text) as on their website.

On the releases tab on their website there is a list of their albums and the cd cover I chose is also there as shown above. On the CD cover it is just shown as a plain usual street but then there is bright psychedelic colours in the windows to make it stand out and to make sure the cover doesn’t look too plain. On the website at the top there is a silhouette of the full band which blend in with the text also.

Initial Ideas

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


This is my logo that will appear on my CD cover for my music video.

CD cover decision

I designed not just one CD cover for my portfolio but I first made four. I decided to get a few opinions from some friends and they all decided on the bottom right picture.

They also had some comments about it not looking right because the hearts where pink and the dogs looked cute making it look quite feminine and the band are all males, so I then thought about it and tried coming up with some ideas to make it more masculine and then came up with a new one which was similar to the bottom right one but I had made the dog more fierce and snarling and the heart was blackened rather than it being pink and it looks a lot more masculine and I am very happy with the new one.


Are you familiar with the band “The Futureheads

What do you think about the image of this band?

Which genre(s) of music would you place them under?
Indie Rock Pop Hip Hop Soul Classical

Which images do you think associate with that genre?

Which bands would you associate with the same style as The Futureheads?

What do you like to see in a typical music video?

When you hear the words “Hounds of Love” which images come to mind?

Proof for song

Breakdown of lyrics

Oh, oh oh, Oh, oh oh,
Oh oh oh oh, Oh oh oh oh, Oh oh oh oh, Oh oh oh oh, Oh oh oh oh, (10 secs)
When I was a child, running in the night(3 secs)

I was afraid of what might be
(3 secs)
Hiding in the dark and hiding on the streets for,(3 secs)

And of what was following me(3 secs)
(3 secs for oh’s) The hounds of love are calling
(2.9 secs)
(3 secs for oh’s) I've always been a coward (2 secs)

(3 secs for oh’s) And I don't know what's good for me (2 secs)
Well here I go
(2 secs)
It's coming at me through the tree (3 secs)

Help me, someone, help me, please (5 secs)

And take my shoes off 
(4 secs)
And I will throw them in the lake (3 secs)

And I will be, two steps on the water (5 secs)
I found a fox, caught by dogs 
(2 secs)
He let me take him in my hands
(3 secs)
His little heart, it beat so fast(3 secs)

That I am ashamed to be running away
(3 secs)
From nothing real, I just can't deal, with this
(4 secs)
I feel ashamed to be there (2 secs)
(3 secs for oh’s)Amongst your hounds of loving
(3 secs)
(3 secs for oh’s)I feel your arms surrounding me
(3 secs)
(3secs for oh’s)I've always been a coward
(3 secs)
(3 secs for oh’s)And I don’t know what's good for me (3 secs)
Well, here I go (2 secs)

Don't let me go, hold me down
(5 secs)
It's coming at me through the tree
(2 secs)
Help me, someone, help me, please
(4 secs)
Take my shoes off and I will throw them in the lake 
(4 secs)
And I will be, two steps on the water (5 secs)

Do you know what I need, do you know what I need? (3 secs)
I need a yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh (6 secs)
And take my shoes off
 (3 secs)
And I will throw them in the lake
(3 secs)
And I will be, two steps on the water
(4 secs)
Ooh I know I know I know (3 secs)

I don’t know what’s good for me (2 secs)

I don’t know what’s good for me (2 secs)

Do you know what I need, do you know what I need? (3 secs)
I need a he-yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (4 secs)

Monday, 5 October 2009

Kooks CD cover analysis

•  What genre is the production?
The genre for the kooks is indie.

•  How is the genre established?
The kooks are representative of indie by their long, shaggy hair, acoustic guitars and the style of clothes they wear.

•  How does the mise en scene support the
The acoustic guitars support the indie genre as most of their songs are played with those guitars and also their clothing they wear show they are quite indie.

•  How will the generic elements of the
Production appeal to the audience?

The target audience would be mainly older teenagers and young men and women as they are the stereotypical groups that are known to like indie music.