Friday, 23 October 2009

Shooting calendar

Above is my shooting calendar which shows when I have decided to shoot. I have all morning off on a tuesday and I want to get the shooting over with as quick as possible as the editing is the longest process. Keeping this in mind I decided to start shooting on the first tuesday back after the half term which is the 3rd of November. I will continue to shoot every tuesday at the school before 9am so that the students involved in my video won't miss any lesson time, Also using dinner times for the students as shooting time. The school would be open on a saturday morning so i will also use saturdays to shoot, after 3 tuesdays and 3 saturdays I hope to be done, but if not the orange highlighted area is an extra time that I could do some filming and then the red highlighted area is where I could also shoot but would be the very last of the filming I would do as this needs to be finished hopefully before then. This is not set in stone as I have still not had permission from the students parents so the shooting could be delayed.

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