Monday, 19 October 2009


My main story line for my music video is going to be a love story with a twist, On my initial ideas I had an idea where her face would turn to a dog's face. I changed my mind as I don't think this would work well on film. For my new idea the boy doesn't dare ask the girl out because he can't build up the confidence. In the first verse when the song is saying "Well here I go, it's coming at me through the trees Help me, someone, help me, please" he will be running away from the girl as he is embarressed to talk to her. Also in the song it shows he is in love but can't ask her out because in the lyrics it says "i've always been a coward" which reflects this storyline well. In the end the boy and girl get together and it will be a happy ending.
The song lasts for approximately 3 minutes so i will have to use lots of lip syncing to take up some of the time, there will be some special effects used in the green room, some of the lip synching will have green screened background to make it look more proffessional. In the second verse where it says "it's coming at me through the tree" I will have the main character running on the spot and make it look like he's running through some trees so that illustrates the lyrics.
The music video will appeal to my target audience as my target audience is around 15-25 and i asked 15 students who are all of age 17 or 18 and I will look at their results and take it all in and then produce something that they wanted so it is catering to the needs of the age group I have chosen. It is aimed at both males and females because they can both relate to the story as this happens a lot at their age.

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